Jane Kenna Technical Searches, Incorporated Since 1986
Sole proprietor and operator of Technical Searches, Inc.
Sustaining member, Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia; member since 1986
To work with Jane Kenna, contact her at 404.312.6734
or email
Since 1986 Technical Searches has offered efficient, cost-effective courthouse title research, utility data and relevant information from governing entities for land surveyors. Clients are given the completed research paper file and a digital copy.
  • Technical Searches, Inc. contracts with more than 45 land surveying firms.
  • Concentration in the Metro Atlanta area, with additional experience in more than 60 county courthouses throughout Georgia.
  • Extensive knowledge and proficiency utilizing many web sites in the county tax offices, G.I.S.departments, and deed rooms of each county. Exceptional attention to detail, organization, and critical analysis, with cross-referencing of all documents.
  • Previous full-time experience with a title insurance agency and law firm that included researching real estate titles, foreclosures, U.S. Bankruptcy Court records, lien searches, tax reports, training new examiners and client contact.
  • Management experience includes accounting, tax preparations and record maintenance.
  • Emory University Graduate 1983
  • Client references available upon request.
Subject deeds and research
Adjoiner deeds
Easement deeds
Plat search for recorded plats
Right-of-way projects/deeds
GDOT plans research
Sewer plans
Zoning information
Railroad deeds/MARTA plans
Municipal revitilization
Special projects
  GDOT Subcontractor
  1996 Olympic Stadium Site; Olympic Park and surrounding areas
  Underground Atlanta Redevelopment
  GLG Midtown Development
  3,000 Acre Commercial/Residential Development
  Stone Mountain Park Boundary
  Buckhead Sewer Line Right-of-Way
  More than 200 County Road and GDOT Right-of-Way Projects
  Boundaries ranging from 10 to 500+ acres
  Atlantic Station
Identification and overall data organization of GDOT remnant parcels in 17 counties